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How to play dominoes, for kids

Dominoes are a great toy for kids. They are a lot easier to hold and understand for kids compared to playing cards. Dominoes can help kids learn numbers and some simple math, and can also help their dexterity and engineering skills, just by stacking them up.

Here are a few ways kids can play with dominoes:

Simple Dominoes

This is the simple, straight way to play dominoes that is just matching the sides together. If you choose to take score, kids can also practice their counting by adding up all of the dots left on their tiles. Kids can start this easy game as early as they stop putting small objects into their mouths.

Simple Dominoes is a great game for families to play together. Because it is easy to learn, can be a quick game, and helps learning and development.

See more about Simple Dominoes.

Stacking Dominoes

Another way for kids to play with dominoes is through stacking. They can work on their dexterity and some engineering skills as they build towers and bridges, alike with blocks or Legos. This allows for a lot of creativity, and kids can even play with dominoes together.

At the end of the day, it is great for kids to build new things, and even more fun to knock them down in the end.

Topple Dominoes

The true domino effect, is playing Topple Dominoes. This is when dominoes are placed upright next to each other, just close enough to fall one by one on each other. This is a great game for kids, and a mini lesson in gravity.

Topple Dominoes are often simple, but can get quite extravagant as people have made artwork out of toppling dominoes. Unlike most domino games, topple dominoes can come in all sorts of colors, which can add to the appeal for kids!

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