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How many dominoes are in a set?

There are many different domino sets out there, but how many dominoes are in each set?

In a 6 Set, there are 28 domino tiles.

In a 9 Set, there are 55 domino tiles.

In a 12 Set, there are 91 domino tiles.

In a 15 Set, there are 136 domino tiles.

In a 18 Set, there are 190 domino tiles.

I personally like the 12 Set of dominoes the best. There are enough for larger groups of 10 people to play, but not too many to be unwieldy for a 4 person game. I grew up playing with the 12 Set, so I am very familiar with the dot patterns for each number.

I also like the 6 Sets for children. They are great for teaching numbers, counting, and easy math as they get familiar with playing simple games. They can also practice creativity and dexterity by stacking, building, and tumbling dominoes. There are many ways to play dominoes with kids.

To find out how many domino tiles to start with for various domino games, check out How Many Dominoes to Pick/Draw? for Mexican Train Dominoes, Chickenfoot Dominoes, and Simple Dominoes.

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