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Best 3 Domino Games

Domino games come in small (6 Set) or large (18 Set) packages. The beauty of dominoes, is the flexibility of not needing a certain number of people or a certain set. They are so adaptable to varying skill levels, ages, and number of players.

I grew up playing dominoes in large family environments. We would often have 12 people huddled around my grandparent's dining room table after dinner. People would come in and out, swapping out seats as someone would clean up dishes or tend to a baby.

We would have three generations all playing together, from 8 year olds to 80 year olds. As with all games in the family, we ALWAYS kept score, and there would always be a winner, and a loser.

My favorite Domino Games, in order are as follows:

#1 Mexican Train

Mexican Train is my favorite Domino Game. It allows for a bit more strategy than the others, and I like the mix of controlling your own destiny through your Personal Train, and having the Main Train and double wild card thrown in.

My family often played this one in large groups, and used pennies for our 'open' markers for when your train turns Public. After a specifically brutal double, you often needed to stand and look around at all the Public trains to find your best play.

Check out more about Mexican Train.

#2 Chickenfoot

Chickenfoot is another terrific domino game for many players. The legs can get quite long, so it can take up a large part of the table!

When I was young, the adults seemed to quite enjoy this one in particular. In hindsight, I think they were drinking quite a bit of wine and just found it fun and funny to scream out "Chickenfoot" on every double played.

This one is a bit more luck based than Mexican Train, and I do love me my strategy, but Chickenfoot is more of a community game that brings people together and lightens the mood. Instead of furrowed brows, you'll see smiles. A more casual game open for conversations, instead of focus.

Check out more about Chickenfoot.

#3 Simple Dominoes

Last but certainly not least is Simple Dominoes. A game mostly of chance, and best for the smaller sets of dominoes, I like Simple Dominoes because it is so inviting and accessible.

I always love a game that teaches young players as little as 4 years old a bit about numbers, gameplay, and how to win and lose. It also can also serve as an ending game for elderly with dementia, or practice of dexterity for those with lower motor skills.

While it may not be the most fun or engaging game, everyone can play. And that in itself is worth the accolade.

Check out more about Simple Dominoes.

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